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Current Research

Sintering of nanoparticle SnO2, Al2O3, ZnO, Y2O3, YSZ
Chi-Hsiu Chang (Ph.D Student)


Stability and radiation tolerance of nanostructured oxide ceramics
Sanchita Dey (Post Doc)

Thermochemistry of metal oxides
P. Saradhi Maram (Postdoc)

Development of new high temperature instrumentation, calorimetry above 1500 °C, thin films and multilayers
Sergey Ushakov (Staff Research Associate)


Guest-host interactions in nanoporous materials, mesoporous and microporous materials, and thermodynamics of metal-organic frameworks
Di Wu (Ph.D. student)

Thermodynamics of (U,La)O2±x solid solutions
Lei Zhang (Ph.D. student)