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Past Members



Jiewei Chen

Position: PhD Student
Research: Adsorption on carbon-based materials (graphene, carbon nanotubes)
Current Position: Researcher at Micron

 Mayra Dancini Goncalves

Position: Postdoc
Research: Investigation of aluminum and gallium inorganic clusters to understand the pathways between ions in solution and nanophase mineral precipitates
Current Position: Universidad de Sao Paolo, Brazil

Denys Kapush

Position: Postdoc
Research: High Temperature Thermodynamics of Rare Earth Oxides
Current Position: TBD

 Pardha Saradhi Maram

Position: Project Scientist
Research: Thermochemistry of advanced functional metal oxides for energy applications
Current Position: SRM University Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, India

Geetu Sharma

Position: Postdoc
Research: Interface and bulk energies of noncrystalline ceramics
Current Position: University of Toronto, Canada

 Anna Shelyug

Position: PhD Student
Research: Ce-Ca-Zr fluorite solid solutions; Energetics of hydration in Th-bearing phosphates; radiation-damaged fluorite-structured materials
Current Position: Researcher in TFTAK, Estonia

Shmuel Hayun

Position: Visiting Scholar
Research: High-entropy metal alloys
Current Position: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

 Ido Zuckerman

Position: Visiting Scholar
Research: Waste glasses; SrCo oxides
Current Position: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel


Weiping Gong

Position: Visiting Scholar
Research: Experimental & computational investigation of thermodynamics and phase equilibria
Current Position: Professor, Huizhou University, China

 Nazia Nafsin

Position: PhD Student with Ricardo Castro
Research: Nanostability and radiation tolerance of doped YSZ
Current Position: Engineer, Intel Corporation

Anastasia Koryttseva

Position: Visiting Scholar
Research: Lithium Borate glasses; SFCA Phases
Current Position: Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia



Di Wu

Position: PhD student and Postdoc
Research: Zeolites and metal-organic frameworks
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Washington State University

 G. P. Nagabhushana

Position: Postdoc
Research: Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Calgary, Canada

Radha Shivaramaia

Position: PhD Student
Research: Rare earth minerals and battery cathode materials
Current Position: Transitional


Sulata Sahu

Position: Postdoc
Research: Perovskite materials
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Penn State

 Xiaofeng Guo

Position: PhD Student
Research: Uranium oxides and garnet thermodynamics
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Washington State University

John Drazin

Position: PhD Student with Ricardo Castro
Research: Thermodynamics of Calcia- and Yttria- doped
Zirconia Ceramics

Current Position: TBD

Dana Reusser

Position: PhD Student
Research: Energetics of aluminum hydroxide clusters
Current Position: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

 Philip Jones

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermochemistry of oxides and nitrides,
specifically in the perovskite structure

Current Position: Unknown


Jorgen Rufner

Position: PhD Student with Ricardo Castro
Research: Nanoparticle ceramic oxides
Current Position: Researcher with Intel

 Nancy Birkner

Position: PhD Student
Research: Manganese oxides
Current Position: Postdoc, Duke University

Amir Hossein Tavakoli

Position: Postdoc
Research: Energetics and structure of polymer-derived ceramics, structural evolution and energetics of amorphous nanoparticles,
and thermodynamics of transition metal sulfides

Current Position: Researcher at nGimat

Aleksandra Mielewczyk-Gryn

Position: Postdoc
Research: Structural and electrical properties of rare earth functional ceramics
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

Salih Buyukkilic

Position: PhD Student
Research: The energetics of intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell electrolytes: singly and doubly doped ceria systems
Current Position: Researcher with Intel

Matthew Armentrout

Position: Postdoc
Research: Incorporation of carbon into silicates at ambient and high pressure
Current Position: TBD


Gustavo Costa

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermochemistry of bulk and nanomaterials
Current Position: Researcher with NASA Glenn-Cleveland

Dat Quach

Position: Postdoc
Research: Interface energetics, phase stability and radiation tolerance of nanostructured oxide ceramics
Current Position: Researcher with Seagate

Seyedeh Mahboobeh Hosseini

Position: PhD Student
Research: Apatite-based ionic conductors
Current Position: Researcher with Chevron

James T. Hughes

Position: Graduate Student
Research: Thermochemistry of metal organic frameworks
Current Position: Researcher with PQ Corporation

Nektarios K. Nasikas

Position: Postdoc
Research: High Temperature Material Synthesis
Current Position: Director, Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation, Greece

Scarlett Widgeon

Position: Graduate Student joint with Sabyasachi Sen
Research: Structural investigation of SiOC, SiCN, and SiBCN polymer derived ceramics and solid State NMR
Current Position: Assistant Professor, New Mexico Highlands University

Tien Tran

Position: Postdoc
Research: Energetics of bismuth oxide-based electrolytes; Laser synthesis, field-assisted sintering, and thermochemistry of nanocrystalline ceramics; Field-assisted sintering of amorphous polymer-derived ceramics 
Current Position: Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Manas Bhunia

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermodynamics of porous metal organic framework (MOF), shape dependant surface energetics of multi-ferroic oxide materials, and synthesis and thermochemistry of porous cermaic materials 
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Khansaa Essa

Position: Postdoc
Research: Hafnia-based thin films nanoparticles and thermochemistry of gallosilicate zeolites
Current Position: Researcher at University of Jordan


Shmuel Hayun

Position: Postdoc
Research: Energetics of nano-CeO2 and titanates
Current Position: Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Tatiana Shvareva

Position: Staff Research Scientist
Research: Actinide thermochemistry and melilite oxide ion conductors
Current Position: Clariant

Yin-Qing Zhang

Position: Postdoc
Research: Synthesis and energetics on carbonate materials
Current Position: Researcher at Institute of New Catalytic Materials

YuanYuan Ma

Position: Graduate Student
Research: SnO2 – TiO2 bulk and nanophases
Current Position: Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Chengcheng Ma

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermochemistry of Mn oxide nanomaterials
Current Position: Intern

Ben Hanken

Position: Graduate Student
Research: UO2 – CeI2 solid solutions
Current Position: Oregon State University

Olga Trofymluk

Position: Staff Research Scientist
Current Position: Schlumberger Inc.


Emil Stoyanov

Position: Postdoc
Current Position: Researcher at Sandvik

Alexis Loulier

Position: M.S. Student
Research: Nanoscale conrol of geologic CO2 and in-situ calorimetry of amorphous calcium carbonate
Current Position: Researcher at Sierra Energy

Nihan Kemik

Position: Postdoc
Research:Comparison of bulk and think film energetics of La(Sr)FeO3 and La(Sr)MnO3 and YSZ/Al3O3 multilayers crystallization
Current Position: ASML, Netherlands

Josh Furman

Position: Postdoc
Research: In-situ calorimetry of metal-organic framework synthesis
Current Position: Consultant at Shvarts & Leiz LLP

Chris Armstrong

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermochemistry of actinides
Current Position: Pacific Northwest National Lab

Ozlem Sel

Position: Postdoc
Research: Amorphous templated material
Current Position: Researcher at Universite Pierre et Marie Curie

Tae-Jin Park

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermochemistry of actinide materials relevant to nuclear energy
Current Position: Researcher at Nuclear Energy Laboratory, Seoul, Korea

Wei Zhou

Position: Graduate Student
Research: Hafnia-based thin films nanoparticles and thermochemistry of gallosilicate zeolites
Current Position: Researcher at Apple


Tori Forbes

Position: Postdoc
Research: Metal organic frameworks, carbonates, and x-ray diffraction
Current Position: Assistant Professor at University of Iowa

Hongwei Ma

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermochemistry of Mn oxide nanomaterials
Current Position: Researcher at Stanford University

Fen Xu

Position: Postdoc
Research:Energetics of CdSe and Mg2GeO4nanomaterials and Thermochemistry of sulfide solid solutions systems
Current Position: Researcher at Exxon, Houston


Michael Aizenshtein

Position: Postdoc
Research: Interface and surface energy of yittria-stablized-zirconia and zirconia, Mg2SiO4nanoparticle energetics
Current Position: Nuclear Research Center Negev, Israel

Shushu Chen

Position: Postdoc
Research: Interface and surface energy of yittria-stablized-zirconia and zirconia, Mg2SiO4 nanoparticle energetics
Current Position: Consultant


Yunchul Cho

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermochemistry of Mn oxide nanomaterials
Current Position: Kwangwoon University, South Korea

Andre Levchenko

Position: Postdoc
Research: Energetics of formation of TiO2nanophases and confinement in organic-inorganic composites
Current Position: Setaram Inc.


Peng Zhang

Position: Graduate Student
Research: ZnO and Y2O3 oxide nanomaterials
Current Position: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Pingping Sun

Position: Graduate Student
Research: Thermochemistry, formation and hydration of zeolites
Current Position: Researcher at Philips66

Kailash Mogare

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermodynamics of perovskites
Current Position: Max Planck Institute

Riham M. Morcos

Position: Graduate Student
Research: Thermochemistry of functional glasses and related materials
Current Position: General Electric

Lena Mazeina

Position: Postdoc
Research: Uranium minerals and iron oxides
Current Position: Chemist at Miltec

So-Nhu Le

Position: Graduate Student
Research: Metal phosphate microporous materials 
Current Position: Vietnam

Tamas Varga

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermochemistry of Si-C-O polymer derived ceramics, negative thermal expansion ceramics
Current Position: Pacific Northwest National Lab


Gyong Gug Jang

Position: Graduate Student
Research: Thermodynamics of nanophase solid electrolytes
Current Position: N/A

Ratnasabapathy “RG” Iyer

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermochemistry of ceramics
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Claflin University

Hank Eng

Position: Postdoc
Research: Synthesis, crystallography and calorimetry of oxides
Current Position: Primerica, Texas

Ferenc Forray

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermochemistry of scid mine drainage related minerals (jarosite, alunite, arsenic minerals)
Current Position: Lecturer, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania

Qingyuan Liu

Position: Postdoc
Research: Synthesis and thermochemistry of nitrate cancrinite
Current Position: Researcher at Schlumberger

Masha Dorogova

Position: Postdoc
Research: Calorimetry of rare earth vanadates
Current Position: Managing Editor, CEJC

Weiqun Chen

Position: Graduate Student
Research: Cerium containing solid electrolytes
Current Position: Researcher at Power Environmental Energy Research Institute

Suraj Deore

Position: Graduate Student
Research: Thermochemistry of sulfides
Current Position: ABB Semiconductors

Petra Simoncic

Position: Postdoc
Research: Thermochemistry and structures of rare earth-doped hafnia solid solutions and energectics of phase transitions in rare earth oxides
Current Position: IP Manager at Heptagon Advanced Micro Optics


Kathleen Helean

Position: Postdoc
Research: Pyrochlore, zirconolite, and fluorite materials related to nuclear waste disposal
Current Position: Sandia National Lab

Hongwu Xu

Position: Staff Research Associate
Research: Crystal chemistry and thermodynamics of silicates, titanates and niobates related to nuclear waste disposal, low thermal expansion ceramics and other applications
Current Position: Staff Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Website: Geochemistry & Geomaterials Research Laboratories (GGRL)


Michael Pitcher

Position: Postdoc
Research: ZrO2
Current Position: N/A

Christophe Drouet

Member From: 2001-2003

Position: Postdoc
Research: Energetics of jarosites, alunites, and sulfate solid solutions
Current Position: Research Scientist at CIRIMAT Carnot Institute
Website: ChristopheDrouet.com


Juraj Majzlan

Position: Postdoc
Research: Iron and aluminum oxides and oxyhydroxides
Current Position: Chair for General and Applied Mineralogy, Institute of Earth Sciences and Professor of Chemistry and Earth Sciences at Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany
Website: Graduiertenkolleg Research Group

2000 & Older

Clare Fialips

Position: Postdoc
Research: Clay mineral thermochemistry
Current Position: Total SA, France

Zhengrong Tian

Position: Postdoc
Research: Magnese oxides and zeolites
Current Position: University of Arkansas
Website: Zhenrong Website

Robert Putnam

Position: Postdoc
Research: Clay mineral thermochemistry
Current Position: Defense Programs Science Council at National Nuclear Security Administration

Franck Tessier

Position: Postdoc
Research: Nitride thermodynamics
Current Position: Research Scientist, Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Rennes, France
Website: Glass and Ceramics Group, University of Rennes

Corine Gérardin

Position: Postdoc
Research: Zeolites
Current Position: CNRS, France

Debra Dooley

Position: Postdoc
Research: Carbonates
Current Position: Professor of Earth Science, Piedmont College
Website: Dooley Faculty Page

Sophie Guillemet-Fritsch

Position: Postdoc
Research: Magnese oxides
Current Position: Université de Toulouse, France

Mark Rodriguez

Position: Postdoc
Research: Ooxide superconductors
Current Position: Principal Member of the Materials Characterization Department, Sandia National Laboratory

Pamela Burnley

Position: Postdoc
Research: High pressure minerals
Current Position: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Website: Burnley Research Group

Irina Kiseleva

Position: Postdoc
Research: Zeolites
Current Position: Moscow State University, Russia

George Rossetti

Position: Postdoc
Research: PbTiO3 – PbZ5O3
Current Position: Materials Science & Engineering, University of Connecticut
Website: Rossetti Faculty Page

Apurva Mehta

Position: Postdoc
Research: Oxide superconductors
Current Position: Scientist, Stanford Synchrotron Light Source

Christel Laberty-Robert

Position: Postdoc
Research: Iron oxides
Current Position: Université de Toulouse, France

TRS Presanna

Position: Postdoc
Research: Transition metal oxides
Current Position: Professor IIT, Bombay, India

Vincent Lamberti

Position: Postdoc
Research: Oxide superconductors
Current Position: Staff member at Y-12 Site, Oak Ridge, TN

Rebecca Lange

Position: Postdoc
Research: Silicate melts
Current Position: Professor of Geology, University of Michigan
Website: Lange Faculty Page

James DeYoreo

Position: Postdoc
Research: Silicate melts
Current Position: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Website: DeYoreo Research Group

Joseph Bularzik

Position: Postdoc
Research: Oxide superconductors
Current Position: Professor, University of Indiana

Peter Davies

Position: Graduate Student
Research: Oxides and solid solutions
Current Position: Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Website: Peter Davies Homepage

Nancy Ross

Position: Graduate Student
Research: High pressure phases
Current Position: Professor of Geology, Virginia Tech
Website: Crystallography Lab