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Energetics of Aluminum Hydroxide Clusters
Dana Reusser | 2015

Energetics of Rare Earth Doped Uranium Oxide Solid Solutions
Lei Zhang | 2015

Thermodynamics of Material Containing Actinides: Gamets, Metal Uranates, and Uranyl Peroxide
Xiaofeng Guo | 2015

Thermodynamic Study of Zeolites and Zeolite-like Materials
Nancy Birkner | 2014

Thermodynamic Study of Zeolites and Zeolite-like Materials
Lili Wu | 2014

The Energetics of Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrolytes: Singly and Doubly Doped Ceria Systems
Salih Buyukkilic | 2014

Lanthanide Containing Apatites: Synthesis and Calorimetric Studies with Focus on Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Drug Delivery
Seyedeh Mahboobeh Hosseini | 2013

Thermodynamics of Metal-Organic Frameworks
James T. Hughes | 2013

Nanostructural Investigation of Local and Intermediate Range Structures of SiCO, SiCN, and SiBCN Polymer-derived Ceramics using Solid State NMR
Scarlett Widgeon | 2013

Thermodynamics of Guest-Host Interacitons in Nanoporous Silica Matrices and Carbohydrate Metal-Organic Frameworks
Di Wu | 2012

The Energetics of Oxide Multilayer Systems: SOFC Cathode and Electrolyte Materials
Nihan Kemik | 2011

Thermochemistry of Hafnia-base Materials and Gallosilicate Zeolite
Wei Zhou | 2011

Energetics of Nanophase Zinc and Yttrium Oxides
Peng Zhang | 2007

Energetics of cobalt phosphate, zinc phosphate, and copper phosphate frameworks
So-Nhu Le | 2007

Energetics of nanostructured, amorphous, and molten materials related to technology
Riham Michelle Morcos | 2007

Synthesis, characterization and energetics of zeolites
PingPing Sun | 2007

A thermodynamic and structural study of atomistic, nano and bulk systems
Suraj Deore | 2006

Energetics of ceria-based materials applied as electrolytes in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)
Weiqun Chen | 2006

Energetics of lithium transition metal oxides applied as cathode materials in lithium ion batteries
Miaojun Wang | 2005

Thermochemistry of hydrotalcite-like compounds relevant to the fate and transport of aqueous metal and anionic species in the environment
Rama Kumar (Ram) Allada | 2005

Energetics of perovskite-type materials applied in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs): Electrolytes, cathodes and interconnects
Jihong Cheng | 2004

Molecular simulations and experimental studies of zeolites
Eric Moloy | 2004

Thermochemical study of rare earth and nitrogen incorporation in glasses
Yahong Zhang | 2003

Thermodynamics of iron and aluminum oxides
Juraj Majzlan | 2002

Thermodynamic properties of bulk and nanocrystalline materials: A comparative study
Mandar Ramkrishna Ranade | 2001