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Job Opportunities

Recently acquired grants in the thermochemistry of nanomaterials, zeolites and ceramic oxides offer opportunities for doctoral and postdoctoral research involving calorimetric measurements. Postdoctoral scholars must have a background in experimental work in solid state chemistry, physics, ceramics,  materials science, mineralogy, petrology or a related field, and significant knowledge in  thermodynamics and inorganic crystal chemistry.

Ph.D. students are accepted from any of these disciplines, but must meet the entrance requirements of an appropriate academic department: Chemistry, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Geology or Land, Air and Water Resources.  Prospective postdocs should send a CV; prospective graduate students should submit a short description of their background and interests to: Professor Alexandra Navrotsky

Because of the constant turnover of people and grant funding, we cannot predict when we will have an opening in any particular project. We therefore encourage those interested to submit applications at any time for consideration, but that does not mean that we will have immediate openings in any particular area of research.